Differin (Adapalene)

Pharmacological action

Differin (Adapalene) represents new generation synthetic retinoids. Differin possesses komedonoliticheskim/antikomedogennym and antiinflammatory action.
The preparation influences a follicular hyperkeratosis, regulating keratinization.
The basic mechanism of action - selective linkage with nuclear RAg-receptors of cells of a false skin in difference from nonselective linkage previous generations.
The expressed antiinflammatory Differin effect is proved: cytokines. In vitro and in vivo shows high antiinflammatory activity, comparable on force of action with betamethasone and indometacin, by means of influence on inflammation factors.
Differin does not possess photosensitizing action.



Dosing regimen

The cream or gel in regular intervals, not rubing, put on the amazed fields of a skin of 1 times/24h before a sleep. It is necessary to put a preparation on a pure, dry skin.
The therapeutic effect educes after 4-8 weeks of therapy, nonperishable enriching - in 3 months from the therapy beginning.
Carrying out of repeated courses of therapy by a preparation under the reference of the doctor is possible.
Differin the cream is recommended for a sensitive and dry skin.
Differin is shown for treatment easy and moderate severity level as monotherapy, and to moderate severity level also in a combination with others aboriginal (antibiotics, a benzoyl пероксид) and system (antibiotics, antiandrogens for intake) preparations.

Side effect

Aboriginal reactions: at cream or gel drawing in excessive quantities probably reddening and a skin ecdysis.


Hypersensitivity to preparation components.

Pregnancy and lactemia

Differin do not recommend to apply at pregnancy and in a lactemia (thoracal feeding).

The special indicatings

At preparation application it is necessary to avoid its hit in eyes and on labiums.
In some cases at preparation application probably short-term boring of a skin, in such cases it is possible to interrupt therapy before petering of signs of a boring.
In preparation application it is necessary to avoid awake stay on the sun and Uf-irradiations owing to a possible easy boring of a skin.
In application of a preparation do not recommend to use cosmetic products with drying or stimulating effect.


In connection with low system absorption the overdosage is improbable.

Medicinal interaction

It is not established clinically significant interaction of Differin preparation at simultaneous application of clindamycin of Natrii phosphas.

Conditions and periods of storage

Differin is steady against oxygen and light, it is chemically inactive.
Gel should be stored at temperature not above 25 C, in a place inaccessible to children.
The cream should be stored at temperature not above 25 C, in a place inaccessible to children; not to refrigerate.

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